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Our Endless Pool Project


2012 has brought a flurry of change to our home! We got a call in early January from a sales rep at Endless Pools asking if we would be interested in purchasing a pool they were bringing to McCormick Place for a trade show. They didn't want to ship it back to Pennsylvania. We talked it over and decided it would be in the best interest of our health to have a readily available exercise solution that we both enjoy.

The pool is 15 x 7.5 feet with a water depth of 50 inches. Even knowing that in advance, it barely prepares you for the sight of it when it's dumped in the backyard! It was transported from McCormick Place to our house on the back of a flatbed 18 wheeler on a cold February Sunday morning. A flat bed tow truck backed up to the semi, a strap was put around the pool, and it was dragged off the big truck to the smaller one. They drove through the side gates of the yard, around to the patio area, and off loaded it.

Meanwhile, we had contracted to have a new patio poured that will support the weight of the pool and a sun room to enclose it in. After 6 weeks of patiently (OK, and not so patiently) waiting for building permits, we finally moved ahead.

We love our pool and sunroom and use them every day!